Killer Clown

Performer + Dj Set

DMPranks’ YouTube Channel was created by Matteo Moroni based in Perugia: it counts more than 4 million subscribers ( could be 6 million total  considering all social network connections)and reach a total of 500 million views, passing over 2 billions when counting all worldwide different networks views.
A success that was born from a home made project , obtained by an outstanding candid camera based on some overnight terrifying assaults towards unaware pedestrians: the poor were scared to death by sadists bloodthirsty clownsarmed with hammers , hatchets and powers saws.

In 2014 they catch newspapers attention that wrote about these sadists jokes already, but social media big attention has dizzily grown at the end of summer 2015 due to Moroni visit in Las Vegas while joining Mr Jason Egan, owner of the very famous Fright Dome.

In Sin City, the clowns scattered great fear locally and immediately after, thanks to the viral phenomenon , they reached top views on the web and became super famous worldwide, leaving important tv channels and newspaper attention, breathless.

Now, due to Gianfranco Bortolotti intuition and to team management efforts, DMPranks performing will act on the stage of the best worldwide clubs , promising amazing special effects and CO2 as well as a huge entertainment show cause the three cruel clowns will also be synchronized to the Marco Ooki incredible dj set live.
All this extraordinary show will be enriched by many gadgets ( T-shirts, caps , stickers , jumpers , polos etc), live videos and live streaming connections through DMPranks Facebook official page, that at the moment sums around 600.000 fans: they will all receive a notification message that will give access to the live show directly even if not physically at the club!
So, are you brave enough to enjoy a Killer Clowns night?